NJPW World Tag League Night Ten Review

I wish they’d stop wrestling in jeans. Credit: NJPW

It’s a full show, and I don’t know how I feel about that. On the one hand, we get to catch up with the likes of Okada and Tanahashi and see how they’re getting on. On the other, that’s a lot more average wrestling to watch. Oh well, the review must go on. Let’s dish out some stars.

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NJPW World Tag League Night Eight Review

Poor GOD. Credit: NJPW

It sometimes feels like I’m the only person watching this tournament. That can’t be true, however, there is zero hype around it. People are much more interested in the various end of year awards and Observer Hall of Fame nominations. To be honest, I don’t blame them.

At least we’re hanging with the better block on this show, and that always makes my job a bit easier. Let’s dish out some stars.

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NJPW World Tag League Night Six Review

Large Mike looks a bit worried. Credit: NJPW

The four-match cards continue, and – surprise, surprise – this one actually looks a bit tasty. I haven’t been coming into these shows excited about what I’m going to see, but this might buck the trend. Which probably means I’m going to come out disappointed. Damn, heightened expectations. Let’s dish out some cautiously optimistic stars.

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