Wolf Creek (TV Series)


If you were asked to sit and list horror films that seemed ripe for adaptation on the small screen, well you’d have been quite far down that list before Wolf Creek popped into your mind. While there are certainly horror series a hell of a lot worse than those violent Australian slashers they can hardly be called remarkable. However, maybe it is that which makes it perfect for adaptation.

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It is no secret that for all the Marvel Cinematic Universes brilliant qualities, it has always felt a bit light weight.  As of yet no one important (which sounds a lot more horrible than I mean it too) has died, with even Phil Coulson (whose death played an important part in uniting The Avengers) coming back from the dead for Agents of SHIELD.  However, stepping into this ring is Daredevil, a character non comic book fans will be aware of because of an awful Ben Affleck film back in 2003.   A blind lawyer, he spends his nights dealing out a different kind of justice on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen and his introduction to the MCU via Netflix, sees Marvel looking at a grittier New York.

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