Weekly Playlist 14/6/17 – Golden Gods

This week’s playlist celebrates the winners of this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. When Hammer and her sister brands were pulled back in December, I can’t imagine anyone working there imagined this ceremony would be going ahead in its traditional post-Download spot. Thankfully, it wasn’t the end and metal’s great and good were celebrated in a night of what I assume was drunken debauchery. It also gives us one hell of a playlist with acts as varied as Dillinger Escape PlanMastodonAvenged Sevenfold and the mighty Black Sabbath. We might not always agree with the bands that a mag like Hammer gets behind, but we’d be worse off without them so sit back, enjoy some heavy metal and raise a beer to them and these wonderful bands.

Weekly Playlist 7/6/17 – Download

Sadly, due to a whole host of reasons, I’m not at Download this year. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring you a playlist full of brilliant bands on the line-up that you might not have thought to check out. All of these bands are playing on the third and fourth stage and range from the heavy joy of Code Orange to the California pop of Love Zombies. We’ve got BasementKnuckle Puck and The One Hundred while Venom Prison are scaring the shit out of people in the corner. These are the bands you want to be seeing because otherwise, you are just going to have to lie about having been there in a few years anyway.

Weekly Playlist 31/5/17 – The Sun’s Out

This week’s playlist is packed with the kind of songs that are perfect for walking down the street in the sun with. If you’re lucky, you could even kick up your feet, crack open a beer and let the good times roll. That means we have old favourites like Rancid and Skindred. While ‘Hard Times’, the ridiculously catchy Paramore track, makes an appearance. We also have a bit of ZOAX and a dab of Gnarwolves. What more could you want?

Weekly Playlist 25/5/17 – Chris Cornell

There was only one theme suitable for this week’s playlist. In tribute to Chris Cornell, we dive into his quite frankly ridiculous discography. As someone who discovered a big part of their passion for music through early 90’s alternative rock, this one was a tough one to deal with. Cornell dived into a lot of pools during his musical career, from Soundgarden to Temple of The Dog to his solo material – but one thing remained consistent, and that was that voice. Whether you’ve been listening your whole life or are jumping in for the first time, sit back and raise a glass to one of the best.

Weekly Playlist 17/5/17 – Lost Evenings The Return

Wow, what a weekend. We’ll be writing more about the first ever Lost Evenings festival in the coming days, but as it’s Wednesday, we are kicking off with yet another playlist. While we previewed the festival with one, we are going to avoid overlapping in song choice and focus on picking the very best tracks we heard over the weekend. There’s obviously a bit of Frank Turner, and he’s joined by Sam DuckworthBloody Knees and more. Enjoy.

Weekly Playlist 10/5/17 – Lost Evenings

Ahead of Lost Evenings this weekend, a festival curated by Frank Turner and put on in conjunction with OneFest, this week’s playlist is made up of bands/performers appearing over the weekend. It means that we, of course, have Frank himself with a track from Sleep Is For The Week which he shall be playing in its entirety. We also have Will VarleyBen Marwood and Bloody Knees alongside many others. Whether you are going all weekend, one day or not at all have a listen and enjoy.