Kamikaze Girls and Nervus w/Goodbye Blue Monday

Edinburgh on a Wednesday night can be a tough place to play a gig. Always a harder city to pull a crowd in than Glasgow getting anyone through the doors of Bannerman’s should be considered a success. When you’re selling a bill of emotionally switched on indie punk bands, it should be seen as a God damn triumph. This particular Wednesday night was nowhere near a sellout, but there was a healthy crowd for the double bill of Nervus and Kamikaze Girls.

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Fuck You Gene Simmons

Rather than using pictures of Gene ugly mug I’m going to fill this post with music from young bands that represent the rock scene that is apparently dying.

In what may be the least of his crimes but perhaps the one that sums him up the best, Gene Simmons has attempted to trademark the Devil’s Horns. Yes, you read that right, he wants control over the hand gesture thrown by a million heavy metal fans and adopted as a central part of our culture. Why? Because in his twisted little mind he believes he invented it. Even if you ignore the falsehood of that in light of the claims of Ronnie James Dio and pictures of Coven doing it in 1967 six years before KISS formed, this is still the act of a puckered old arsehole and should be the final nail in the idea that we should care about Gene Simmons.

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Weekly Playlist 14/6/17 – Golden Gods

This week’s playlist celebrates the winners of this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. When Hammer and her sister brands were pulled back in December, I can’t imagine anyone working there imagined this ceremony would be going ahead in its traditional post-Download spot. Thankfully, it wasn’t the end and metal’s great and good were celebrated in a night of what I assume was drunken debauchery. It also gives us one hell of a playlist with acts as varied as Dillinger Escape PlanMastodonAvenged Sevenfold and the mighty Black Sabbath. We might not always agree with the bands that a mag like Hammer gets behind, but we’d be worse off without them so sit back, enjoy some heavy metal and raise a beer to them and these wonderful bands.

Rancid – Trouble Maker

The way to approach a Rancid album in 2017 is very different to the way you would have approached one in 1997. You can no longer expect genius, and you need to figure out exactly what you need to make you happy. It’s not going to be And Out Come The Wolves… and after the disappointment of …Honor Is All We Know and  Let The Dominoes Fall, merely good might be enough. A couple of great punk tracks could be all we need.

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Mutoid Man – War Moans

If you were to guess what a side-project from members of Converge and Cave In was to sound like you might hit on something close to Wear Your Wounds the album released by Jacob Bannon earlier this year. It’s a dark and unsettling piece of music and while you’d struggle to call it heavy in the way you do Converge, it most definitely is. What you wouldn’t expect, is Mutoid Man.

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Weekly Playlist 7/6/17 – Download

Sadly, due to a whole host of reasons, I’m not at Download this year. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring you a playlist full of brilliant bands on the line-up that you might not have thought to check out. All of these bands are playing on the third and fourth stage and range from the heavy joy of Code Orange to the California pop of Love Zombies. We’ve got BasementKnuckle Puck and The One Hundred while Venom Prison are scaring the shit out of people in the corner. These are the bands you want to be seeing because otherwise, you are just going to have to lie about having been there in a few years anyway.