Heck are – and soon will have been – a special band. A band that made rock and roll exciting and dangerous. Seeing them live was like dancing along the edge of a cliff in the rain. There was always the chance they could slip, but while they balanced there, it was the most thrilling thing in the world.

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RIP Chester Bennington

If the last 24 hours has made anything clear, it’s that a generation of rock and metal fans still hold Linkin Park in their hearts. The music may have veered wildly off course in the last few years, but their brand of arena rock, rap and nu metal inspired a million kids into a passion for everything heavy. A huge part of which is because of the voice of Chester Bennington.

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Weekly Playlist 19/7/17 – Relapse Records

This week’s playlist is dedicated to one of the best purveyors of noise on the planet, Relapse Records. With an alumni roster that includes everyone from Mastodon to Dillinger Escape Plan, they are a label that has always been on the cutting edge of heavy and in 2017 that hasn’t changed. We’ve got everyone from Pig Destroyer to Inter Arma via Iron Monkey on today’s playlist, and while they might not all seem like natural bedmates, they’re certainly heavy as fuck.

Weekly Playlist 28/6/17 – Warped Tour

Sadly, attending Warped Tour is a bit of a pipe dream for most of us UK types, but that doesn’t stop us appreciating from afar. So, whether you are lucky enough to be going or just want to pretend you are this week’s playlist is for you. It’s ten bands we think you should be checking out at Warped Tour. From the hardcore of Hatebreed to the melodies of Bad Cop, Bad Cop, we’ve got a bit of everything for you so enjoy.