Story Of A Girl (2017)


Look shocked!

The Edinburgh Film Festival has kicked off and with it the chance to catch a whole bunch of films you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. First up was Story Of A Girl, the debut feature from Kyra Sedgewick which will air on Lifetime after its festival run. With a cast which includes Sedgewick’s husband, Kevin Bacon, it follows Deanna (Ryann Shane) who three years after a sex tape of her and her big brother’s best friend was leaked on the internet, is still dealing with the consequences.

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My Life As A Courgette (2017)


Meet the gang.

Childhood neglect and abuse are unlikely to be the topic of the next Disney animated smash. Even as Inside Out dives into the child psyche, they tend to avoid such unfriendly children’s fare. My Life As A Courgette has no such qualms. In the opening scenes, we are introduced to Icare (who prefers to be known as Courgette) leaving his alcoholic mother behind to live in an orphanage. There he and his new gang of friends, all of whom come from equally (if not worse) traumatic backgrounds, have to try and find a place in the world without the reassurance of family. It’s all presented in a delightful stop-motion style and Christ, it could have been a disaster.

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Colossal (2017)


The joy of drunken ignorance.

If you took the hipster mumblecore of Noah Baumbach strapped it into a sports car and drove it at a 100 miles-per-hour into Godzilla, then the resultant debris would look a bit like Colossal. I mean it wouldn’t, Godzilla is massive so he probably wouldn’t even notice, but you can at least pretend to play along.

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The Quiet Hour (2014)


This poster makes it look more epic than it is.

A ship hanging in the distance. That’s all we see of the alien threat that has brought Earth to its knees in The Quiet Hour. It’s a constant threat but not the one that steps into the life of Sarah Connolly (Dakota Blue Richards) and her blind brother Tom (Jack McMullen). Instead, they have Jude (Karl Davies), the mysterious man who has broken into their farm while running away from a band of shadowy figures. The question is, do they trust him?

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Curtain (2015)


I don’t actually know if this is related to the film, but it does the job.

Horror has delved into many strange places. From biting female genitalia to Nazi zombies, there aren’t many worlds it won’t explore. Yet, to make a serious horror film about a bathroom. That seems ambitious for even the most out there of genres.

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