2016 Predictions

Every year I throw a few predictions out there and more often than not, I am completely wrong.  However, that won’t stop me coming back for another bite of that particular cherry as we kick off the first full week of 2016.  So, here are five predictions for what faces us this year.  As long as all you care about is music, films and games.

Bring Me the Horizon Headline Download 2017

Okay, so Download 2017 isn’t until next year, but the announcement will be in this one so I think this counts.  Last year I predicted Bring Me would go huge and I think it’s safe to say that’s one I got right.  This year I think they make that next step.  2016’s Download line-up is already taking shape and Bring Me are a noticeable absence at the top of the card.  I think that’s because they are all set up to headline next year.  How will it go?  Well, I’ll predict that in a year.  (As I write this Bring Me have confirmed a huge tour for the end of this year, which just continues to convince me this will be the case).

Babymetal will be huge

I have a weird relationship with Babymetal.  I saw it live and I despised it, but when I listened to the record I found it harmless, since then I haven’t gone back and I think I just don’t care.  Lots of other people do, though.  This year they will release their second album and with it, I think we should all expect to see a lot more of these girls.  There is no denying this sells and whether that is from a novelty factor or not, depends on your point of view.  And your point of view doesn’t change the fact they’re going to be huge.  It’s a damn shame to see them stepping over all the brilliant bands out there that are set to be left in their wake.

Batman vs Superman makes a shitload of money but is also shit

Look, I’m going to go see Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.  You’ll probably go and see it too.  No matter what Marvel do, these are the two superheroes names that sell the most.  Yet, with Zack Snyder in charge, I have no faith in this film to be any good.  I expect it to blow up the box office on the first week and then quickly drop off when word of mouth gets around that it stink.  DC have thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this film and it is all just too much too soon.   It will still make enough money to keep the franchise alive, but in comparison to another superhero film out this year, I think it will struggle.  (Disclaimer: I obviously don’t want this to be bad, but I mean… did you see Man of Steel?)

Yearly gaming franchises take a hit

2015 was been notable for the lack of hype surrounding big yearly releases like Call of Duty and Assasin’s Creed.  Whether they are good or not is beside the point, the fact is people are getting fed up.  While there are those that will buy COD or FIFA no matter what, others are tired of paying for the same old thing repackaged as something new.  Instead, franchises like BloodborneThe WitcherMetal Gear Solid and even Fallout have taken the plaudits.  All of this are huge gaming series, but they are ones which take their time over what they are doing.  The yearly release model isn’t over, but it’s set to face even more criticism.

It will probably be pretty good

Sure, there is going to be a bit of shit coming out of everything this year and some people will believe it signals the end of modern culture as we know it.  But I bet it wont.  In fact, I’m going to go as far as saying that there will be some great music, some great films, some great games and possibly even some great wrestling.  (I’m hoping it starts at Wrestle Kingdom 10 which I am set to watch at some point today).  Christ, I even bet Aberdeen continue to do alright.  2016 should be a good one folks so let’s enjoy it.


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