Meltzer’s Classics: Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk, I Quit Match, 15/11/89


As usual for this period, there is a lack of photos. This is definitely of Flair and Funk, though.

You didn’t think we’d seen the last of Ric Flair, did you? Following his iconic series with Ricky Steamboat, it didn’t take the Nature Boy long to find his next opponent. Just minutes after their final match Terry Funk put his boot up Flair’s ass and all roads led to Clash of the Champions IX in an I Quit match.

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Weekly Playlist 25/5/17 – Chris Cornell

There was only one theme suitable for this week’s playlist. In tribute to Chris Cornell, we dive into his quite frankly ridiculous discography. As someone who discovered a big part of their passion for music through early 90’s alternative rock, this one was a tough one to deal with. Cornell dived into a lot of pools during his musical career, from Soundgarden to Temple of The Dog to his solo material – but one thing remained consistent, and that was that voice. Whether you’ve been listening your whole life or are jumping in for the first time, sit back and raise a glass to one of the best.

8 Observations From Backlash


He has a wide array of facial expressions. Credit: WWE

I almost can’t be arsed writing this. WWE obviously couldn’t be arsed putting much effort into Backlash so why should I bother? This PPV (are they still PPVs? What do we call them now?) was a massive waste of time, and while the crowning of Jinder Mahal will help people to forget that, it’s still true. However, I’m nothing if not a pro with a lot of time on their hands so here is eight things I observed at Backlash.

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8 Observations From NXT TakeOver: Chicago


Tag-team wrestling continues to flourish in NXT.

There’s not much you can rely on with WWE. Their unreliability is the most reliable thing about them. Yet, over the last few years, NXT TakeOver shows have consistently stood up and been brilliant. From Nakamura vs. Zayn to the rise of the tag-team division; you are always guaranteed at least one classic match and if you’re lucky you’ll get a few more. With the TV product slowly heating up post-Mania, it’s no surprise to say that Chicago continued that streak. Here are eight things we noticed while watching NXT TakeOver Chicago.

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Weekly Playlist 17/5/17 – Lost Evenings The Return

Wow, what a weekend. We’ll be writing more about the first ever Lost Evenings festival in the coming days, but as it’s Wednesday, we are kicking off with yet another playlist. While we previewed the festival with one, we are going to avoid overlapping in song choice and focus on picking the very best tracks we heard over the weekend. There’s obviously a bit of Frank Turner, and he’s joined by Sam DuckworthBloody Knees and more. Enjoy.